[SBC5] School Rant

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Our school day here in Dakar starts at 8:30. Students arrive at varying times, from 7:30 to 8:45 for some. Students usually play sports before school starts or sit down and hang out. Personally, I do any of those things, but most of the time I’m too busy doing my homework. We have 4, 1 hour and a half long periods every day, as well as 4 5-10 minute breaks, and a 20 minute lunch. Yes, 20 minutes. School ends at 3:20. A lot of students stay after school to hang out at the cafeteria and be the source of mischief. All my classes are on the poll, apart from one, which is Elective Class, in which you get to choose a class like Music or Design Technology or Movie Making or Art or Drama. I chose Design Tech, because I’m no good at the rest. I wish to have a job related to Math, Science and Design, since those are my favorite subjects, and I am fascinated by Nanotechnology, which really puts all of those subjects together.
At school, we are given a chromebook to work with. It serves sometimes as a notebook, sometimes as a textbook, but mostly as a way to entertain ourselves when a class is too boring. The school blocked a lot of websites, so it’s not as cool as it sounds though.

There is little I would improve about my school, because it’s a lot better than most other schools here in Dakar (if you’re from there, you would know), but what’s been getting on my nerves a lot lately is the time allocated for lunch, which in my opinion, is too short. I, who came from a school with 2 hours of lunch per day, am now forced to stuff as much food as I can in a mere 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right. The school claims it’s in fact 30 minutes, but the cafeteria only has one counter open at all times, and it is quite far from the classes, so only the sprinters have the luxury of eating their lunch at a normal pace. And let’s all agree that our pace slows down significantly between when one is at home and when one is with friends. In hope that the staff of my school reads my posts, this is a message to you: I AM DISGUSTED.

Phew, that feels better.

2 thoughts on “[SBC5] School Rant”

  1. Hello JuLieN,

    First of all, I want to say that I was impressed at your writing quality. But I was drawn to your article because the title was intriguing and terribly misleading (School Rant) so you can probably imagine the fury in which I am when I realized that your post wasn’t, in fact, about a school rant at all. If anything, it’s more of an opening to a discussion. You should change the title. Also, I didn’t really like it to be completely honest, but then again your writing quality was something good.

    Between your title and your content, I have to ask: how DO you feel about school? You’re sending me mixed messages.

  2. Hey Julain,
    I really liked how you expressed your opinion about your lunchtime. My school’s lunch is also 20 minutes long, which doesn’t bother me because I pack light lunches and eat quickly I guess. Please check out my blog! http://sxwie.edublogs.org/
    -Sarah W

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